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100% All Natural Candles | Soy & Beeswax

All Natural Ingredients

All BsaB products and candles are made using the finest natural ingredients. We do not cut corners and use synthetics or chemicals. Pure means 100%, not 60-40. Did you know that a candle can be labeled “soy” as long as it uses 25% soy wax? All of the BsaB candles are made using 100% pure soy wax or 100% pure beeswax with no cottonseed oils or synthetic fillers. We create truly exceptional high quality products that start and end with the finest ingredients.

100% Natural Soy Wax

BsaB 100% natural soy wax is natural, pure, and clean. Its purity is indicated by the natural white coloration of the wax that does not change color after cooling (one way to tell if soy wax is pure). Most candle waxes come from from crude oil but BsaB soy wax comes from soybeans grown on American farms. It is renewable, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable. BsaB soy wax is also free from any chemical preservatives or chemical stabilizers and it burns longer than petroleum-based waxes making it the obvious healthy alternative. BsaB Soy Candles—good for your and good for the earth.

100% BeesWax

BsaB Beeswax Coral Candles are made using 100% pure beeswax. Currently, all our beeswax comes from Canadian and US markets and we are in the process of training bee farmers in Thailand how to naturally harvest beeswax without harming the environment. Beeswax is a 100% natural renewable resource derived from flowers and bees. Beeswax is harvested at the end of the natural hive cycle in a way does not harm the bees. BsaB beeswax is made without using any additives; it is non-toxic, non-allergenic, naturally aromatic, and produces negative ions which clean the air from dust, odors, pollen, and toxins. Our beeswax candles are wrapped with 100% PLA (cornstarch) bio-degradable plastic. Because beeswax is a precious natural commodity, we include an extra wick with each of our beeswax candles so you can make your own beeswax candles with any remaining beeswax.

100% Lead & Chemical Free Pure Cotton Wicks

All BsaB wicks are free from lead, chemicals, and bleach. They are 100% pure cotton with no metal centers. Unfortunately, close to 95% of all candle wicks contain either metallic stabilizer and/or chemicals. When these wicks are burned, those chemicals and metals, including lead, can be released into the air you breathe. All of our wicks are made in Germany where, after several months of research and sourcing, we finally found a manufacturer offering high quality, 100% natural, chemical free, European-grown cotton wicks. BsaB Wicks are perhaps the best candle wicks in the world.

100% Natural Scents using Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oils

BsaB Candle’s unique scents are obtained by using 100% natural and pure essential oils. BsaB Essential Oils are blended by French Perfumists in France. We use only the finest essential oils sourced throughout Europe and the world. We do this to ensure the highest levels of purity and quality. Essential oils are far superior to chemical fragrances and do not have the potential health risks of some chemical fragrances. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their aromatherapy and healing properties. Some believe that essential oils are the life-source of plants and therefore give off natural energy and power. Our essential oils are pure and unaltered so as to preserve their aromatherapy properties. Most candles in the United States are scented using chemical fragrances (this may be one reason some people complain of headaches caused by scented candles). There is some evidence that chemical fragrances may actually be harmful to our health. Many candle manufacturers tout that they use essential oils in their candles but never specify the amount they are using or if they are also using chemical fragrances. BsaB candles use only 100% essential oils as this is the only way to ensure purity, quality and health.

100% Soy Ink

BsaB Candles is dedicated to the earth and this is proven through all we do, including our packaging and printing materials. All our labels and packaging materials are printed using 100% Soy Ink. Chemical inks and dye’s can leach into the environment when they are discarded. Soy ink is natural, earth friendly and 100% biodegradable.

100% PLA (cornstarch) Bio-degradable Plastic

BsaB Candles was the first company in Thailand to use PLA Biodegradable earth-friendly plastic. When we learned of this biodegradable corn-based plastic, manufactured by Natureworks USA, we seized the opportunity to use it in our packaging. Unfortunately, 99% of all plastic in the world is nonbiodegradable and stays in landfills for hundreds and thousands of years, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of birds and fish each year. Ninety-nine percent of all plastic is derived from crude oil, making plastic very chemical-intensive and harmful for the environment. BsaB Candles has chosen to use only 100% PLA or corn based plastic which is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Our PLA originates in American farms.

100% Recyclable & Recycled Paper Packaging

BsaB Candle Packaging is 100% recyclable. Every part of the packaging can be broken down and recycled, ensuring less landfill waste. If, by some slip of the hand, our packaging materials do end up in the wrong trash receptacle, they are intentionally designed to be earth friendly so they will not leach harmful chemicals or dyes into the land or water. Much of our packaging is made from recycled paper from papermills throughout Thailand and we are currently working on obtaining recycled boxes for all of our Internet shipping. Our products are natural through and through, from the inside out.

100% Solar Powered Facility (Creation Center)

Electricity is not necessarily an ingredient for our candle creations but it is so vital we feel it is in many ways the unseen ingredient. We use electricity to light our offices, run our computers and heat our natural waxes. We are dedicated to being 100% self sufficient and are in the process of developing our completely centralized candle facility which will be 100% Solar Powered. We are very excited about this and hope to become role-models for other companies throughout the world.

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100% Beeswax Coral Candle

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Stop putting chemicals into the air you breathe

Stop putting chemicals into the air you breathe

Candles that provide "breathing room"...
BsaB Candles are created with only 100% pure soy wax, 100% cotton wicks, and 100% essential oils. To learn more about the chemicals in other candles, Click Here.

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